What difference time makes

Last night I was leaving a board meeting. I walked through the city, my heels clipping briskly along the pavement, feeling every inch the successful woman I am. I was heading home to my beautiful husband and our wonderful son, with my career tucked firmly under my arm, and a glowing sense of pride that I had never felt before.

As I waited for the traffic lights to change, it occurred to me that, with every ounce of truth, I had not walked through a city by myself for over two years. And in fact, the last time I’d been in a city by myself, I’d just finished sleeping with someone for money. I was working as an escort, and after a long night, I was heading back to the agency with an enormous amount of cash in my purse and a sense of despair that I have not felt since.

The city had changed, my career was completely different, my life circumstances were such that I’d never imagined would be possible for me. Yet I am still the same woman.

Look how far we can go.



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